Zhejiang PD New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the research and development and production of industrial specialty paper. The team of overseas returned doctors has technical reserves and innovation. The research of industrial long-fiber tissue paper is the company's key development direction. It independently researches and develops special industrial paper and fiber composite materials. , Polymer composite materials. Product application areas cover: medical sanitary materials, electrical manufacturing industry, electronic insulation material intermediates, food-grade packaging, optical materials, new agricultural materials, tobacco packaging materials, etc. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, South America and Japan. The preferred substrate has high air permeability, water absorption, good toughness, full degradation, high and low wet strength, independent research and development of a series of functional composite materials, to meet the functional requirements of antibacterial, flame retardant, bio-based, and environmental protection properties, the team is committed to Integrated innovation and continuous extended development and application. The company will unremittingly promote the industrialization and application development of various high-tech long fibers. Based on the existing product characteristics, make full use of the company's forward-looking R&D capabilities in the field of industrial long-fiber tissue paper and the advantages of new fiber application transformation to further improve the technical content and added value of the products, and promote industrial technological innovation and product updates. Comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and enable the company to develop into a first-class supplier of high-end fiber composite materials.
Focus on new materials over 20 years, in-depth study industry trends and customer needs, continuous innovation, constantly improve.
The Case
Applied materials field in the face of numerous industry demand, customer demand constantly upgrade and alternate source is our solutions ideas
Industry Wide
The application there are many similarities between different industries, technology in the field of alternate complement each other
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